Sourcing & Supplies

We assist you in locating the products you require for your projects and business.

Additionally, our supply solution includes the following:

  • You can save money and time.
  • You can streamline your supply chain.
  • Maintain supply lists and long-term reports to aid in future order placement.

Our broad experience and long-standing relationships with domestic and international suppliers enable us to provide the skills and structure necessary to design a supply strategy to your company’s specific requirements.

Additionally, we can provide substitutes and supplements for your current products. We accomplish the following through procuring your items and goods: contract negotiations, decide on payment conditions. Conduct a quality check.


we make sure that thee product you are buying are actually what you need or have ordered for so as to avoid lost time in business.


We facilitate the obtaining of import finance solutions for you by proposing the best solution in the market and adapted to you project and business.


We make sure you obtain all the import and export licenses that you need for your products in and out of Africa to avoid having issues.

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